Another day, another tournament.

This Saturday I’ll be competing in another submission grappling tournament, the 2014 St. Croix Valley Grappling Games, held in Hudson, Wisconsin. On the upside, I’m not going to try to make a special weight class. On the down side, I have to get up EARLY to make it there on time for weigh-ins.

Having done the smaller tourney late last month, I’m not nearly as jittery about this one. I’m going to go, have fun, and try to strangle a few people. I’ll probably be successful once or twice, and I’ll probably get tapped once or twice… I’m there to compete against me. At the end of the tourney I know the yardstick by which I measure myself… Did I give up? Did I do everything in my power to finish the job? If yes, then I still won…

man in the arena

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