Camp Fuel Testing – part deux

In my last post, I discovered that Sterno-style stoves are less than ideal for what I wanted to achieve: Bringing 16 oz. of water to a boil. A few readers suggested I try a “pocket rocket” style stove and while the price for the MSR brand disuaded me, I managed to find something similar for less than $10 on Amazon.

It's so cute and little!

It’s so cute and little!

More than meets the eye!

More than meets the eye!

After making the long trek from China, it showed up in my mail bin yesterday. Today, I used my $12.50 REI dividend to purchase fuel and promptly tested it out in the kitchen.

Attached to the fuel canister.

Attached to the fuel canister.


Where my previous attempt had failed to bring the water to a boil after over an hour, this bad boy had it rolling in about 3 minutes. That’s what I’m talking about!

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