It’s ALIVE!!!!!

News on the motorcycle front:

I picked up a new battery from Amazon for the ’84 Shadow. My very first experience in actually filling a battery with acid. Fun process, though, next time I do that I am going to wear gloves when I open the box. Despite being doubly wrapped, boxed, and bagged, some of the acid managed to leak out. Needless to say, some of the skin on my hand was pretty irritated.

Anyway, new battery installed, and she fired right up. I was shocked. SHOCKED, I say…

She hadn’t been running in probably close to a year. All the issues I had been having getting it started in the past, I’d thought she was really cold blooded, turns out I had a weak battery. Blah.

Still having some odd idle and throttle issues. For example, during the test run around the block, it was huffing every once in a while, and then it would ROAR, and rapidly accelerate. I returned home and tried to get the idle set properly (it was way low) and took a second run. This time, the throttle wouldn’t drop lower than about 4000 RPM. Bad news. Anyway, the kinks are still being worked out.


Now to decide what to do with her. If the girlfriend wants it, I think I’ll give it to her as a starter bike. If she is totally disinterested, I might have to make it a ratbike. 😉

Warmer weather and PMS.

Something about the changing temperatures over the last few weeks have given me a serious case of PMS. (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)

While my trusty STeed, the Honda ST1100 is waiting out the end of winter comfortably in a heated storage facility, my poor ’84 Shadow is sitting in the garage. I didn’t even properly winterize her…

Part of me feels a pang of guilt about this. Another part knows I’m likely going to have to do a carb rebuild anyway. If I’m going to have to tear it apart, I may as well have it be dirty, right?