Nootropic Design Defusable Clock

Back in April, I went to the Minnefaire at The Hack Factory in Minneapolis. If you’re a local maker, this is an event you don’t want to miss when it rolls around next year. I got to meet Gordon Smuder of Transylvania TV fame. (Thanks for those puppet eyeballs, Gordon!) I also had a chance to speak with a couple makers whose work I’ve admired for a while now, Adam Wolf, one of the founders of Wayne & Layne, and Michael Krumpus of nootropic design.

While I love Wayne & Layne’s mission and think they have some cool kits to choose from, Michael is the designer of a fantastic clock kit that I have had my eye on for a LONG time… If you know me really well, you know I have a soft spot for clocks. My better half would say it borders on is an obsession. She’s probably right. I digress.

As I approached Michael’s vendor table, I saw the bright red 7 segment displays, crazy wires sticking every which way. Immediately recognizable as “the bomb clock” I’d seen around the web a year before. Somehow I wasn’t able to pull the trigger and buy one before, but here they were. Staring at me. It wasn’t long before I found my wallet in my hand.

It wasn’t even fair…

For around $30, you get a kit with all the fixings to make the guts of the clock. Which is nice, because half the fun of this thing is making it look scary. Sadly, I didn’t document the build, because I’m terrible at taking pictures as I go, that said, here are a couple taken tonight after finishing the rest of the “prop”.


What makes this such a fun and unique alarm clock is the mechanism to disarm it: To disable the alarm, you need to cut the correct wire before the counter gets to 0:00. (Or pull it from the terminal, if you leave the screws loosened.) There’s logic built into it that randomizes which wire it will be each time. Great design, Michael. Really neat ideas like this are the reason I’m going into engineering. I only hope that my projects are this much fun when my time comes.

My clock build:
Clock Kit
1″ Dowels
Brown packaging paper with dynamite labeling.
(I found the PDF label on his forums somewhere.)
Electrical tape to bind them together
Spare 9v adapter I had laying around