My Name in Lights (or print)

Over the fall of 2017 I did my first editing job. My professor, Barb Horvath, had passed along an email from former student and current member of the University of Minnesota’s Technical Communication Advisory Board (TCAB), Jim Hall. Jim was looking for a student to provide copy, proof, and substantive editing for a book he was writing on Information Technology Leadership.

I thought editing a book seemed like a good project. I had skills to offer, and liked the idea of expanding my editing experience. I messaged Jim, we came up with a process for editing and revisions, and then we started in on the book. Over the next few months, we collaborated. Jim would compile his documents, and I would look for errors and areas that could flow better. It worked out really well, and I got a lot out of it.

And now, a few short months after we started, the book Coaching Buttons is available for purchase!

I have to admit it’s kind of weird (and thrilling) to see my name in print. Hopefully this is just the first of many interesting books I am involved with!

Big changes, little updates

Since my last post, I’ve finished my degree at the University of Minnesota. I may not have taken the shortest path, but I learned so much about what I wanted in life along the way. As has been my pattern, I’ve been completely wrapped up in school projects and neglected blog updates. In an attempt to atone for that, I’ll be making several small posts over the next couple weeks, most of which will focus on projects I’ve worked on since last summer and didn’t have time to document.

In professional news, I recently completed editing Jim Hall’s book on IT leadership called Coaching Buttons. This was my first editing job, and I think it went well. Certainly the feedback I received from the author gave me confidence in my editing prowess going forward. Coaching Buttons should be available by Q2 2018. I’ll update with a link once it’s live.

Speaking of going forward, I have two projects coming up:

First, I accepted a short-term technical writing position at Daikin Applied, where I’ll be creating “cut sheets” for their sales and marketing teams. I’m very excited about this project, as it entails a different style of writing from other work I’ve done so far. And I highly value anything that expands my experience in the field.

The other project is a usability / document review for Skykit. One thing I learned while working on Coaching Buttons, is that I rather enjoy editing and document review. Especially when it comes to substantive and copy editing. I find smoothing the awkward phrasing and flow in writing a fun and interesting challenge. What I find odd is how difficult it is to do this to one’s own work.

That’s all for this post. Belated project posts to follow!