Exercises in Murphy’s Law

Tomorrow I’m headed a couple hours north to pick up a boat I’ll be adding to my fleet. Before I headed out, I figured I should do some long over due maintenance and fix my rear brakes. They had been making quite a bit of noise and I knew they were in BAD shape. Fortunately, Amazon had a good deal on brake parts last spring, and I purchased all four pads/rotors for the Subaru. (Hooray thinking ahead!)

I’ve never repaired/replaced the rear brakes, however I just did the front ones, and since these are all discs, it didn’t seem too challenging.

As the car was getting jacked up, I noticed the rear left tire was going flat. After pulling it off, it was easy to see the culprit: A shiny stub of metal protruding from the tread. Great. We’ll deal with you later, little nail…

Once the tires were off, it was clear that removing the caliper was going to be a bear. It was rusted all the hell, but I figured a bit of WD-40 along with a breaker bar would get it open.

Not so much.

Yikes. That was a first. Never blown apart a socket before.

So, less than 20 minutes into the repair the score is: One flat tire, and a broken socket. Marc: 0, Murphy: 2. Oh well, nothing a quick trip to the hardware store can’t fix, right? Right. While out shopping, I grabbed a can of liquid wrench as well.

Once I got home, I realized I’d purchased a 1/2″ socket, when it needed to be a 3/8″. Murphy scores again. Back to the store and home again. (The socket I needed was $0.53 less, so I got some change back.) Marc scores and brings the total to 1 to 3, Murphy leads…

To make an already too long story short, I am proposing a new law… Marc’s Law:

“There is no project so small that it will not allow several opportunities for failure.”

As an aside: I highly recommend Eric the Car Guy‘s videos if you’re thinking about doing any repairs on your vehicles. Obviously, a shop manual is your best friend here, but having a laptop in my garage with his YouTube page open has saved me when I’ve hit snags before. Maybe it’ll work for you too.

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