Ground Score!

When one is a tinkerer, one learns to keep their eyes open for potentially interesting “junk”. This is a finely honed habit of mine that I’m fairly certain will cause relationship strife over the years, as my lady is kind of a minimalist. Tonight as we headed out for a date, I noticed a neighbor had placed a small pile of items at their curb for free. I couldn’t resist slowing down and taking a closer look. As it turns out, most of it was junk. Terra cotta pots, some weird shelves, kids toys… But then, I noticed a plug that looked suspiciously like an OBDII plug coming from under the pile. Molly was giving me a sideways glance, but my inner scavenger had to investigate further.

Good this he did, because this is what we ended up finding:

Score! Maybe?

Score! Maybe?

It was exactly what I thought it might be! A small OBDII scanner, sweet! The question is: Does it work? It seemed possible likely that it might have ended up in that pile because it wasn’t working. Who would throw out a working one? They aren’t super inexpensive. What is the first thing one should do with newly scavenged items? TAKE IT APART!
The back. Thrilling.

Two screws later, the cover was off. No batteries were seen that would need to be replaced. So that’s a plus.

Closeup of the back of the board. (I apologize for the less than ideal lighting.)
The back.

And the front… Boring! Also disappointing, because the LCD is soldered to the back. Probably sturdier, but it would have been nice if it was attached to headers and could easily be removed for other projects, working under the assumption that it doesn’t actually work. Those two large copper areas are the contact point for the buttons on the front of the case.
The front

With not much going on inside the case, it was quickly reassembled. After going to the internets to find a manual, I set about plugging it into my car for the moment of truth. And….. It works!
It works!

Surprise surprise, the ERG is throwing errors again…
Stupid EGR

And that’s the story for tonight. Never hurts to keep your eyes on the curbs for goodies. Every now and then, you come out with a nice ground score.

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