I bettter not forget this…

Since the boat is in a state of repair, there are a few upgrades that have been rolling around my head that need to be commited to paper. (Lest I forget them!)

  • Mast reshaping. The edges could use to be rounded to better allow movement of the mast hoops.
  • Mast hoops. While we’re working on the mast, it seems reasonable to make something slightly nicer than the zip ties that currently hold the sail to the mast.
  • Possible rudder/tiller design enhancements. The current design puts the rudder slightly offset from the centerline of the boat. While not a pressing concern, it’s on my mind and now on the list.
  • Finish the new daggerboard! My first experiments with fiberglassing are looking and acting like my first experiments. Lessons learned are proving valuable though.
  • Oars. The oars are almost done. (Finally.) Having to swim and push the duck back to shore on my last outing was the last straw.
  • Oarlocks. Once the oars are finished, I’ll need to sort out where to put those. There’s a small matter of a bench upon which to row from. Maybe it’s not needed, though I suspect I’ll want one once they’re installed.
  • Clips for the oars. Since the cockpit of the duck is cramped enough without dealing with a couple six and a half foot oars, it seemed a wise choice to carry them outside. I found some clips used for hanging brooms and thought I would attatch those to the exterior on the sides above the waterline. Hopefully that’ll hold them in place while it the same time keeping them accessible.
  • Some form of runners for the bottom of the hull to keep sand, rocks, etc. from beating it up on shore.

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