“Later Shelves”

After I made my last post I realized “Later Shelves” isn’t part of the vernacular. The idea is pretty straight forward: It’s the place I keep projects that are in progress that I want to finish, but can’t be due to either lack of gumption or resources. I kept having my work space overrun by these halfway built whatsits. I tried a few different organization methods, but could never find a suitable fix for this specific problem. I wanted something anti-static, compact, inexpensive, with easy access to get projects in and out of it.

I don’t recall where I saw it, (I think it may have been an URBEX photo page) but I saw something that really struck my eye. It was some form of map/blueprint/large document holder. Large flat shelves that rolled out of an open faced cabinet. I liked that. Easy to slide the projects in and out, and easy to see what was in each bin, but it was a huge and unwieldy solution. So that is out.

I then happened on the the “In/Out” boxes at my former workplace. Much better as far as size was concerned, and they were wooden, meaning no static issues, but kind of cumbersome to get things in an out of. I knew that I was much closer to what I wanted, and one day strolling through IKEA, it showed itself. The KVISSLE Letter Tray. Easy to see into, sliding trays that were lined with cork, and it’s got about a square foot footprint.

These are my "Later Shelves". Top shelf used to hold the trinket clock. Looks like I need a new project. Nature abhors a vacuum.

These are my “Later Shelves”. Top shelf used to hold the trinket clock. Looks like I need a new project. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Of course, sometimes later becomes a LONG time later, like the case of the SparkFun Metro-Gnome that I gave Molly as a gift. It wasn’t loud enough for her, so I planned to amp it. Still haven’t figured that one out… Sorry, love. Um. I’m working on it?


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