Messabout preperations

There’s a few items that probably need attention before I make this voyage to the Lake Pepin Messabout.

First of which is installing the oarlocks and getting my oars installed. Also, I’ll need some kind of bench to sit on when I’m rowing. Fairly easy upgrades.

The rudder need to be redesigned as their present state has a nasty tendency to unbolt itself and also to float. Along those same lines, I’ve been pondering the best way to construct a windvane so I can get some relief while single-hand sailing. I’m usually only out for a couple hours at a time. This trip will require several hours of sailing per day, for three or four days in a row. While I could probably do it without too much stress, it would be nice to take the hand off the tiller once in a while to eat a sandwich or something…

There are some other technical additions I’m considering, such as a cheap solar charger for my phone which will also be functioning as a chart plotter on this trip. As well as a VHF marine radio. Might be useful for the locks as well as keeping tabs on commercial barge traffic.

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