More lettering

It’s been a very busy week at my house. People moving out, major cleaning and purges have taken place. Quite an ordeal, really. In an effort to avoid doing more work in the house, I moved into the garage where Serenity met me with a very blank port side.

“I painted one side but was sidetracked.” I thought “Perhaps it’s time to finish the job.”

First, was the matter of figuring out where the letters were going to go. So I went about marking off the area with painter’s tape so they would be similar in size and placement to the other side. After getting the tape down, and laptop and projector set up, I traced the projected image onto her hull.

Basically, it looked like this:


Animated?! Now I'm just showing off!

Animated?! Now I’m just showing off!

Then, once it was all penciled in, it was just a matter of going over the outline with acrylic.




Ready for the hull decal

Ready for the hull decal

All done!

All done!

Quick and dirty upgrade, with a post to match.

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