More on the Puddle Duck

This weekend didn’t allow for as much productivity as I had hoped. Partly due to not having enough clamps, partly due to having a social life. Long story short: I ended up making a trip to Harbor Freight to buy out their entire inventory of 4″ clamps. (They were a buck each, how could I resist that?!)

I'm clampin', clampin', I'm stone cold clampin'!

I’m clampin’, clampin’, I’m stone cold clampin’!

And as of this writing, I am ONE chine away from having my hull pieces put together. With any luck, I am hoping for a floating wooden box by the end of the week.

Avast, me hearties! This be me starboard hull, Yargh!

In preparation for filling cracks, I realized I needed some sawdust to mix with my glue, but the stuff I had was mighty coarse. I’d read about people putting their sawdust in the blender and chopping it up there. Here’s confirmation that it actually works pretty well.



What’s next?
Well, I’m waiting on the inspection ports to get here from Amazon. And really, the hull shouldn’t be assembled until those are in place. Also in that package there’s supposed to be oarlocks. So there’s that.

Also, there’s a number of design issues that need to be figured out. The tiller and the lee-board shape and placement. I’m crafting my own oars as well. Then there’s the mast, sail, and rigging. If everything falls into place, it would be great to see a maiden voyage before August 10th…

We’ll see, eh?

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