My Name in Lights (or print)

Over the fall of 2017 I did my first editing job. My professor, Barb Horvath, had passed along an email from former student and current member of the University of Minnesota’s¬†Technical Communication Advisory Board (TCAB), Jim Hall. Jim was looking for a student to provide copy, proof, and substantive editing for a book¬†he was writing on Information Technology Leadership.

I thought editing a book seemed like a good project. I had skills to offer, and liked the idea of expanding my editing experience. I messaged Jim, we came up with a process for editing and revisions, and then we started in on the book. Over the next few months, we collaborated. Jim would compile his documents, and I would look for errors and areas that could flow better. It worked out really well, and I got a lot out of it.

And now, a few short months after we started, the book Coaching Buttons is available for purchase!

I have to admit it’s kind of weird (and thrilling) to see my name in print. Hopefully this is just the first of many interesting books I am involved with!

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