New sails on the horizon?

The lakes and rivers aren’t even froze yet, and I’m already thinking about getting back on the water. Naturally, my mind wanders toward the next Lake Pepin Messabout. I enjoyed attending the 2015 one quite a bit, so Serenity and i will be making another voyage. Between now and then she’ll be needing new a sail. Her current polytarp one has about had it.

I’m currently thinking about making a switch from the 65 sq foot Leg O Mutton sail that she currently has to a 76 sq foot balanced lug… I’m hoping to take advantage of the larger footprint to gain a tiny bit more speed out of her, while at the same time having the option of reef points. Which is something her current sail doesn’t offer, but would likely be helpful.

Now to price out material options. On one hand there’s polytarp, which is semi cheap, but seem to have about a 2 season shelflife. On the other is dacron sailcloth, a considerably more expensive option, but far more durable. I’m leaning towards the dacron because if I’m putting in the time and effort to sew together a fancy sail, it seems prudent to make it out of stuff that’s gonna last.

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