No Wallace, lots of Grommets…


As of this evening, the sail for S/V Serenity is now complete. The grommets have been added, and they feel quite sturdy. I’m fairly confident it’ll hold, even without being sewn. I had nothing but trouble trying to sew through the double stick carpet tape. It was binding every 1/4″, and I quickly gave up on that.

Perhaps before making the next sail, I can do some test sewing, sans tape.

Anyway, here’s a couple shots of the head and tack with the 7/16″ grommets:


After finishing the head and tack ones, I measured the distance between them, which came out to 160″. With a number that divided so nicely, I placed a grommet every 16″. Turned out looking nice, and feeling durable. Of course, this is without stress testing it, so the jury is really out until the ice comes off the lakes…

Up next:

  • Finish the rudder assembly.
  • Get rigging pieces together.
  • Make sure boom is correct length.

2 thoughts on “No Wallace, lots of Grommets…

    • Sure, but really, you don’t need me. Al it takes is a hammer and some time.

      That said, I’d be happy to assist.

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