Not quite what I expected

Today, I followed fellow Puddle Duck builder TR‘s hull hardening technique of gluing a sheet to the bottom.

Seemed easy enough:
Stretch the sheet over the hull.
I used a cotton sheet, as I’d exchanged a couple emails with TD, and he seemed to think that would absorb more glue and thus offer more protection.

Mix up some Titebond 2 and water. (Roughly 50:50)

Brush liberally

And then wait for it to separate from the hull? (And waste 1/4 gallon of glue.) 🙁

I have a couple guesses as to why this happened:

  1. An issue with stretching it over the hull?
  2. Possibly the direction in which I was applying the glue?
  3. The mixture of glue:water?
  4. Not enough glue to really soak through and stick it to the hull?

So now what?
I am going to wait for it to actually harden, and see how it turns out. If ends up being a total failure, I’m planning to try again with a larger sheet, and a thinner mixture. I’m hoping that will permeate the sheet better, and thus stick to the hull without bubbling up.

2 thoughts on “Not quite what I expected

  1. Hey bud!

    I saw this and thought, what if it’s a function of the drying, not the application? The bubbles to me look like some spots may have had more moisture or uneven liquid when applied, therefore when it dried some parts stuck while other sections were still liquid enough to slide around. Since they’re free moving while wet, they took the remaining stress of the stretch (or lack there of depending on the direction of the pull) more than the drier areas, and bubbled… I would suggest if you redo it, to focus on a really tight pull in all directions, even dampness, and to pull evenly while drying… Think tanning a hide… all sides are being pulled uniformly. (Maybe bungee cords instead of tacking?) If you’ve tacked the sheet to the wood, once a spot is dried the dried spot then becomes the tack point and behind it is no longer pulled with the same force as in front of it… A bungee cord may be able to “self adjust” and keep pull on an edge past a tack point… Wow, that post got long, sorry.

    • Interesting, and certainly a possibility. Especially considering after cutting the scrap from the sides, I noticed that the adhesive hadn’t permeated all the way through.

      I think a thinner mix that REALLY soaks through the fabric is the key. I passed an email to TD asking that he look over my process and to get his thoughts. He had used a polyester blend and I agree with him that may have prevented the stretch on his craft, as well as being more absorbent… (I might put a couple pics of his process up to compare later tonight.)

      No need to apologize, friend. I appreciate input.

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