Productive? Kinda!

Another weekend is rapidly approaching, and this Saturday is already spoken for. Meaning it’s crunch time, and wood shavings must fly!

Tonight I finished the lee board slot. It is simply a frame for it to slide into.

I had to do some fancy shimming with fender washers to accommodate the board, it slides really nice now. I’m hoping that paint wont add enough thickness to make it bind. That could be problematic if it wore off, and water caused it to swell and get stuck in place.

It only took two trips to the hardware store, and I STILL ran out of washers. Fortunately for me, I am resourceful. My new washers only cost 8 cents! (As opposed to the $.40 the other ones cost.)

After getting that all locked down, the top of the starboard airbox was glued in place. Both sides complete! Woot!

Tonight also saw the beginnings of a mast. So far I’m using “Shorty”‘s 2×4 mast design from the PDRacer website. It’s a 16′ 2×4 that’s been trimmed and tapered to reduce weight. Nothing terribly fancy at this point. I’m not even sure if if it’s worth reinforcing it. At this point, just getting on the water takes priority.

Still working out the rudder and sail issues… More to come. 🙂

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