Project: Pegboard organizers

The Problem

My workspaces are typically messy. I often say if there’s a horizontal surface, I will fill it with things.

I will clean this up when it’s not 20 below zero in my garage… I promise.

To remedy some of this cluttering habit, I try to get things “up”. I’ll use hooks, pegboards, and what-have-you to get items up and off the horizontal surfaces. Getting items up solves two problems:

  1. Everything is now in front of my field of vision. Nice!
  2. It’s harder to bury things on a vertical plane. It can be done, but not as easily.

So, those are great virtues, but pegboards can still get ugly. Especially considering store-bought solutions rarely fit your needs (or tools). Case in point, I had recently purchased several new tools: screwdrivers, spade drill bits, and chisels. They didn’t fit nicely on the old wire pegboard hooks, so I decided to make my own.

The Planning

I didn’t have to plan at all for this one. A former colleague of mine, Ben Brandt, had a video of some custom pegboard shelves he made. Thank you, Ben for the great idea!

I highly recommend checking out Ben’s videos if you’re interested in woodworking, making in general, or getting insight on how makers approach problems.

The Project

Just as Ben described in his video, I picked up some L-hooks, and used whatever scrap I had laying about. I first made a block to hold the spade bits by organising them by width, and then marking the positions on a chunk of scrap 2×4. I beveled the back edge to allow it to come on and off the board.

L-hooks: Little, silver, different.

Test fitting the bits.

Block cut down to size.

Blurry pic of the bevel and L-hook.

Onto the board you go!

I’m planning to re-do the block holding these bits. I had hoped that a double stacked design would be condense the space they took up laterally. Unfortunately, it makes the rear row difficult to access. As I detest unnecessary hindrances to my tools, a redesign is in the cards for this piece.

My second step was making a organizer for all my screwdrivers. I had several with varying size shafts, so I lined them up by type and used my fancy new spade bits to make an organizer for them. I decided to add the chisels to the end of this section as well. What’s really nice about these organizers is they’re incredibly easy to make, and very inexpensive. If I want to add tools, I can either modify what’s there, or fire up the drill press and make a whole new one in about 10 minutes.

Organizing the screwdriver order.

The finished product.

The final organization piece on my pegboard that’s a DIY job is my wrench board. I may have posted about this before, but figured it belongs in this post as well. Again, I used scrap plywood and nails. I laid out the wrenches while it was horizontal to determine best fit and nail placement, then painted it white and screwed it to the wall.

SAE along the top, metric along the bottom.

My scribble to say what wrench goes where.

As per usual, writing the blog post about a project has given me other ideas for further improvements down the road. I think that means this practice is working as it should.

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