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It’s been too long since I posted about Serenity. A few things have happened since the last post, first of which being the finished fiberglass bottom. It held up marvelously, and none of the areas I thought might leak have done so. At this point it seems safe to assume it’ll be good until she gets sailed into a stump or huge rock.

The second change was new zip ties were added to the mast. The originals were ones that were on hand when it came time to affix the sail. The winds were fairly gusty on the lake we were at, and a couple ties had snapped. Since snapping ties lead to terrible sail shape (or a completely unbent sail), it was time to upgrade. The hardware store had some nice ties that supposedly support 170 lbs each. They were affixed with a good bit of slack in the ring so the sail can swivel about the mast a bit easier.

Speaking of sails, they also received an upgrade. During the assembly, the seams were held together with only double-sided acrylic tape. Which held up nicely through at least a dozen outings. It did not however make it through the vacation though. On the second trip, while teaching a new sailor the ropes, and explaining sail shape, I happened to look up and noticed about three feet of exposed line in the roach along the leech. Yikes! This meant a repair once back on shore. Unfortunately, it also meant I had to do some thinking on vacation: Apply more double-sided tape or something else? Eventually ended up opting for “something else”, and using some duct tape to seal the entire seam on the leech.

After those repairs were all taken care of, it was time for a more ambitious journey. One that is still the longest sail she’s been on, both in distance and duration. Jason and I set sail with the goal of reaching the far end of the lake. The winds were steady, the lake traffic was calm, and we both were ready for an adventure. Once across the main part of the lake, traffic picked up. First jet-skiers, then cruisers, whose massive wakes tossed Serenity from side to side. Jason noticed some water in the bottom of the boat which we sponged up and chalked up to spray over the bow.

This isn't the exact course, but close to it.

This isn’t the exact course, but close to it.

No big deal, except it kept coming back, and never when we could see it… We made our journey, and it wasn’t until back on shore that it became aperant what the problem was. A large seam across the top front of the bow had broken loose and split. Not below the water line, thankfully, but when the large wakes would come by water could enter.

Needs fiberglass.

Needs fiberglass.

This pretty much ended the use of Serenity for the remainder of the cabin trip. Since returning, life has prevented much time for love and repairs, and no photos were taken of the prep work to fix the bow. Mostly a lot of removal of the old filler, which I have come to realize is garbage for marine use. That was all cleared, then the bow was sanded down to the wood and rounded to better accept fiberglass cloth. Tonight the fiberglass was wetted out with epoxy, and is currently setting. Tomorrow I’ll get another coat of epoxy on there to smooth it out.

More pics of that at a later date. If all goes well, she’ll be back in the water on Friday and Molly is going to be taking the helm for the first time. I’m super excited for her. After all, this is her boat…

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