Shipping delays, Hull delays…

This weekend I’m headed out of town so the hull will be in stasis until Sunday evening. I’m also still waiting on the deck plates and the oarlock hardware from Amazon that were placed over two weeks ago.

I managed to glue/screw the bottom on Wednesday night. I think clamping it down was a good idea, as it offered almost no resistance through the entire bend.

After a solid 24 hours, I removed the screws and removed the 5 inches or so of overhang off the stern transom.

It turned out pretty nice. Nothing that can’t be touched up with a sander, anyway.


The bow still needs to be trimmed. Looks like it might be a tricky cut, too.

Misc updates:

  • The tarp for the sail has been swapped out for a 12×20′ one. Meaning a larger sail is in the works. Yay!
  • I picked up some fiberglass stuff to reinforce and waterproof the seams. Not sure if it’s the correct type or not. Still researching.
  • Two more (Bow & Stern) boards and we’re 3D!
  • Rudder style chosen: Kick-up. Also, I found some big chunks of lead from a diving belt and old ballast to melt into it.

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