Small stuff

Quick update since I’ve not been super productive with exams all this week:

I shaped the boom for the sail last night, still needs to be sanded and finished. Still unsure if I want to get some epoxy to reinforce the ends.

Also, after much deliberation, I ended up ditching the makeshift pintels and gudgeons in exchange for a set of real ones from Duckworks.

Money well spent, says I… The ones I had cooked up were pretty janky. I’ll keep them around as spares if anything should cause these to fail.

The last of my running rigging hardware is on the way. It’s nice to finally have that sorted out. Additionally, I’d found an old block in my garage that the previous owner left here. It needed some attention with a file, and then sandpaper to get it free from burrs. It’s now considerably more rope-friendly. That was taken care of tonight as well.

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