Tournament update

Things went pretty well at the St. Croix Valley Grappling Games. My 10th Planet brethren all performed valiantly. As a team, we took home a lot of medals. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice…

As for my own performance, I had a rough start. My takedowns still need a ton of work. I think the problem is closing the initial distance. I end up playing a long distance clinch game, which usually ends in my being taken down, or me pulling guard. Either way, I start 0-2 in each match. Not good.

Granted, I don’t care much about points, either winning by them or losing by them… Points and time limits are the bane of submission grappling tournaments. Points are for wrestlers and Tae Kwon Do students. So having said all that, I ended up losing my first match on points, winning my second on points, and finishing my opponent in my final match.

After my first match ended, I was really feeling physically and mentally out of it. Like I couldn’t get my game going. I went into my second match thinking “Maybe I should give up my arm or neck, and just go home.” Once I slapped hands with the guy, I decided to fight it out. I ended up sweeping and gaining side control, and then mount to get a bunch of points. Once I mounted him, I started working a slow arm triangle. Keeping heavy and tiring him out while still going for the sub. (Because screw winning on points.) He managed to survive my attack, and I managed to burn my arms completely out. They felt like they were filled with lead… Bad news.

So after that match ended, and I was standing there with gassed arms, they announce the next match. Guess who had to roll next? That’s right. Me. Damn it…

They took pity on me and gave me a few minutes to recover, and after 3 or 4 minutes, I realized I was about as recovered as I was going to be. With no arm strength at all, we started the match and I was taken down again. He managed to mount on me quickly, and I snatched a lockdown by using a 10th Planet move called “Escape from Alcatraz”. Once I had the lockdown, I quickly secured a calf slicer from there and he was tapping immediately. It was probably the most surreal experience of the day.

Thanks again to Nate Kleinfeld at Next Level Combat for showing us that move a couple weeks ago. Final result? I managed to get a Silver in my division, and a cookie.

Wearing the 10P gear, while still claiming Combat Jujitsu on the sign-in sheet.

Wearing the 10P gear, while still claiming Combat Jujitsu on the sign-in sheet.

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