Tying up loose ends

After weeks of delay, Serenity’s bow is finally repaired. In my last post, I’d only gotten as far as glassing it. Several attempts at sanding down the drips later, it was time for some paint.

(Also, I need the garage space. Sorry, Serenity.)

Here’s a couple shots post-glass, post-sand, pre-paint:\



And here’s a couple while the paint was still drying. I’ll be putting a second coat on later.



Not bad for a total hack, eh? There are still some non-smooth spots even after multiple sessions with an orbital sander using 50 grit paper. At this point, I’d rather wrap her back up and get back to sailing.

She’s still not perfect, and likely never will be. The PD Racer class is meant to be a learning process for people who know squat about boatbuilding. (I totally qualify for that.) One of the perks of working on Serenity is I have a new craft that I’m scared to work on, and everything I learn on Serenity gets to be used on the other boat.

More about that boat as I begin to mess with it.

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