Toro Manual

During the summer of 2017, I was a technical writer intern at The Toro Company in Bloomington, Minnesota. My main responsibility was creating Toro’s General Testing and Procedure ManualToro wanted to produce a “one-stop” source of information for new service technicians. 

Much of the information already existed elsewhere in Toro’s print and online libraries, so I researched decades worth of Toro material to locate relevant information for each chapter. To help better understand the content I was researching, I took advantage of Toro’s ToroU training program, where I learned about hydraulics, engines, and electrical systems.

Toro gives equal project ownership between technical service representatives (TSR) and writers. Therefore I needed to manage my own time, and stay mindful of the TSR’s workload. Awareness and careful planning helped keep the editing and revision timeline on schedule.

The creation of this manual required utilizing several writing and image manipulation programs. The content was written in Microsoft Word, layout was produced in Adobe InDesign, many of the photos I took were edited in Photoshop, CAD line drawings from CreoView and schematics were edited or created in Illustrator.

This project was a massive undertaking, and I am thrilled by the learning opportunities I experienced while producing this manual.

General Testing & Procedure Manual - Digital